Trevira: the ideal fabric for food powders


In the food industry, safety and hygiene are of primary importance. Food powders, such as flour, sugar, spices and many other ingredients, are often used in food production and processing stages.

However, these powders can pose a significant risk to worker health and the quality of the finished product. To ensure a safe working environment and high-quality food production, the use of suitable fabrics is essential. One of the most used and recommended materials in this context is the Trevira fabric.

What is Trevira?

Trevira is a registered trademark for a polyester fibre (PES) produced by Trevira GmbH, a German company which specialises in the production of synthetic fibres. This fibre is known for its durability and resistance to wear and dust, making it ideal for many industrial applications, including the food sector.

Characteristics of the Trevira fabric for food powders

  1. Hygienic and non-toxic: Trevira fabric complies with food safety standards, being non-toxic and free from harmful substances. This means that it does not release contaminants or unwanted substances into the food powders it comes into contact with, guaranteeing the purity of the ingredients and the safety of consumers.
  2. Dust resistant: the structure of the Trevira fabric is designed to resist food dust particles, preventing them from filtering through its fibres. This is especially important in the powder handling stages, where accidental inhalation by workers can lead to respiratory problems and other health complications.
  3. Easy cleaning: Trevira is a washable fabric and can be easily cleaned of any dust or contaminants. This feature allows you to keep work environments hygienic and free from contamination, contributing to the production of safe and high-quality food.
  4. Resistance to wear: in the food industry, accessories made of Trevira fabric must withstand intense daily use. Its resistance to wear makes the fabric reliable over time, avoiding damage or premature wear.
  5. Versatility: Trevira is available in different variants, including knitted fabrics, non-woven fabrics and films. This versatility allows it to be used in various applications, adapting to the specific needs of the various sectors of the food industry.

Applications of Trevira fabric for food powders

  1. Sacks: Trevira fabric sacks are used for packaging food powders, offering a safe and hygienic solution for transport and storage.
  2. Filters: in the context of industrial production, Trevira fabric is used to make filters for food powder processing machines, avoiding the dispersion of particles in the surrounding environment.

Trevira fabric is an ideal choice to protect workers and ensure the quality of food powders in the food industry. Its dust resistance, ease of cleaning and compliance with hygiene standards make it a reliable material for a wide range of applications. By using Trevira fabric, companies in the food sector can increase workplace safety and deliver contamination-free end products, thus protecting the health of consumers.

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