Storage facility for pet food products

Storage facility for pet food products

A storage facility for pet food products is an installation made for the transport and storage of kibble for dogs, cats and other animals. 

These systems are used to distribute the various products arriving from the production lines to the ensiling systems and then being conveyed to the packaging lines.

Storage facilities for pet food are placed in batteries. The Trevira fabric silos can be placed side by side, one next to the other, as they have a square base, in order to obtain the maximum storage volume in the available space.

Main characteristics of a storage facility for pet food products:

  • capacity for ensiling and storing products that do not flow easily;
  • electronic automation to facilitate your production process;
  • customised software based on customer requests;
  • intuitive automation interface and control;
  • programming of work sequences;
  • remote assistance support.

The exclusive construction system of the SiloSac Alare in Trevira fabric features a robust metal bearing structure, suitably designed to support the loads of ensiled products with high specific weight; all possible additional loads are also considered in the calculations.
The body of the bag is made of antistatic Trevira fabric, which ensures uniform emptying of the product by gravity. This fabric has flame-retardant properties that do not degrade with use, washing, or the passage of time. Another advantage of this fabric is the ability to block the microbial development of odours and to inhibit bacterial growth in its fibre, thanks to an additive with a permanent antimicrobial effect.
The vibrating extraction system ensures the complete emptying of the silos.

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