Silos suitable for the storage of cereals: rice

The silos used for the storage of cereals such as rice must maintain an adequate temperature (cool) with a low degree of humidity to maintain the characteristics of the product, avoid the attack of parasites, the development of molds and prevent fires due to fermentation.

Rice is rich in surprising properties and is the most consumed cereal in the world. It is not only the basis of tasty first courses or a side dish for delicious second courses, it is also consumed as a drink or as a flour in various preparations.

Properties of rice

What are the main properties common to all types of rice?

We list the most important:

  • it is a gluten free cereal! Rice, therefore, is one of the cereals that is fully included in the diet of celiacs;

  • it is rich in polyphenols, contained to a greater extent in brown rice, which have a powerful anti-inflammatory action;

  • rice is highly digestible, this means that it does not make you drowsy after meals; it is therefore an important ally for workers on their lunch break and for those who have to travel;

  • helps intestinal regularity, based on the type of rice you choose, the intestine will be able to benefit from it; in fact, it is no coincidence that many grandmother’s remedies have this important cereal as a starting point.

Once we have seen the main properties of rice understood as a category of cereal, we can instead see the characteristics of some specific qualities.

Characteristics of some types of rice

Basmati rice

Of all the varieties of rice it is the one that contains the least lipids, basmati is low in fat. It has a medium-low glycemic index and this makes it suitable for those suffering from high blood sugar or diabetes.

Venus rice

It is brown rice with a protein content twice that of common rice, it is indicated in case of colitis and gastritis. It has a higher content of fiber, vitamins and mineral salts.

Red rice

This type of rice reduces bad cholesterol and is therefore highly recommended for diabetics. With long or short grain, it is the ideal rice for those who want to keep the arteries clean.

In conclusion, each type of rice you choose has its own characteristics and qualities, which are important to know in order to derive the maximum benefit from the most known, consumed and produced cereal in the world.

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