Every one of our systems contains all the know-how acquired in almost fifty years in the business, our passion and our desire to grow to offer you products and services able to satisfy the needs of customers who, like you, demand nothing but the best.

We do not only produce silos for storing, shipping and dosing raw materials, but we can build your system, made to measure for you and your business needs.


Every project is carried out in accordance with the customer’s specific requirements and needs.

After a detailed study of the operating needs of the system to be built, our team of experts proceeds to develop the product in 3D. This important process makes it possible to see the final result before construction even starts, and to evaluate it with the customer. At the same time it ensures that adjustments will be reduced to the minimum when we actually go in to install it. Every part is manufactured with precision based on the study made in the design stage.


Our company philosophy is to offer the customer more than just a product, but a fully finished and functional system.

From the design stage to construction and installation of systems complete with the electrical parts, automation and software of the latest generation, all the way to the final commissioning stage. Every step of the process it carried out internally by the company’s qualified personnel.

Our job is to supply you with an efficient, customized system; all the customer has to do is be satisfied!


Our assembly teams will provide for installation and startup of your system. A qualified supervisor from our company will direct the worksite from beginning to end, making sure that all works are carried out in respect of the regulations and our own high standards, all the way to the final commissioning stage.


From the initial consultation to the post-installation assistance, the customer is never left alone.

Our goal is to ensure that your system always functions perfectly and to do this our technical office remains at the customer’s service for any need, even years after installing the system.


Both for systems installed by us and for existing systems, we are able to provide pest control services, cleaning and sanitation of silos according to the regulations in force on the subject.

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