SiloSac in Trevira fabric

Our fabric SiloSacs consist of sturdy galvanised or stainless-steel structures and a Trevira antistatic fabric containment bag. This type of solution is highly customisable and makes the SiloSac suitable for any indoor environment.


The square shape and the big bag body made of antistatic Trevira fabric ensure uniform emptying of the product.

SiloSac in Trevira fabric

We can supply a big bag with a standard brace or a wing brace with Silos & Silos patent. The big bag with standard brace has the classic slot or collar into which the crossbar must be inserted and then the whole structure is mounted on the vertical beam. The wing bag, on the other hand, has an open brace and an anchoring system to the wrapped brace structure, with an aluminium and steel retaining insert. This makes it easier to assemble and also to replace the big bag where necessary.

The upper part of the SiloSac is made with antistatic filtering fabric to allow an air vent during loading of the silo while the containment bag is anchored to the structure with braces, sewn on the external part of the fabric.

A vibrating bottom, with internal counter-cone, is connected to the silo, ensuring a uniform unloading of the product by gravity.

The structure is designed to be easy to assemble and transport and is suitable for indoor environments.

The silo can be equipped with a porthole that allows a visual inspection inside for the preservation of its hygienic conditions and practical maintenance.

Trevira fabric is suitable for containing food products according to Italian standards (Ministerial Decree of 03/21/73) and American standards, dictated by the “Food and Drug Administration (FDA)” (Cap. 1 Par. 177-1630). This fabric is easily washable in industrial laundries using only water, or by washing on site with the appropriate equipment and operator.

The fabric SiloSac is available in the Small version with variable capacity between 3 – 20m³ and in the Plus version with capacity between 20 – 100m³.

SiloSac Small

Simple and economical silo in Trevira antistatic fabric. It adapts to any internal environmental conditions and is easy to assemble and transport.


SilosSac Plus

Silo in Trevira antistatic fabric with sturdy, modular, reticulated structure made with galvanised or stainless-steel profiles.

CAPACITY 20-100m³

The silos of the SiloSac series are built modularly, with galvanised steel structures, specially designed and calculated according to the Directive 2006/42/EC and designed according to the specific needs of the customer.

They comply with current regulations and provisions regarding accident prevention technical systems, working conditions and environments, hygiene and health.

SiloSac silos essentially consist of the following parts:

  1. vertical beams;
  2. lower braces (only in the Plus version);
  3. horizontal beams;
  4. vibrating bottom;
  5. loading tube;
  6. big bag in Trevira H.T. fabric antistatic.

The silos of the SiloSac series can be completed with the following accessories:

  1. inspection window;
  2. level probes;
  3. silo weighing system;
  4. loading overpressure valve;
  5. additional breather bag or by-pass.


  • Silo loading with a Ø 100mm stainless steel pipe positioned on the edge of the upright with lateral loading and spherical or flanged connection.
  • Filling tube that can be equipped with a filling safety device (in the event of overpressure, it interrupts the flow of the product).
  • Window for visual inspection inside, for the preservation of hygienic conditions and practical maintenance.
  • Discharge outlet designed for the application of a vibrating bottom from Ø 600mm to Ø 1.200mm.
  • Electronic weighing system at the base of the silo (indicates the content and quantity loaded in real time).
  • Maximum and minimum level indicator acoustic device.


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