Fabric SiloSac Alare

Our fabric SiloSac Alare features a robust galvanised or stainless-steel structure ideal for use in any internal environmental conditions. SiloSacs Alare are designed and made to measure based on the available space and customer needs.


Simplicity, speed of assembly and safety. The SiloSac Alare is produced and marketed exclusively by Silos & Silos.

Fabric SiloSac Alare

The body of the bag is made of antistatic Trevira fabric which ensures uniform emptying of the product by gravity. This fabric has flame-retardant properties that do not degrade with use, washing, or the passage of time. Another advantage of this fabric is the ability to block the microbial development of odours and to inhibit bacterial growth in its fibre, thanks to an additive with a permanent antimicrobial effect.

The top is made of antistatic filtering fabric which allows the evacuation of clean air during the silo loading phase from the tanker.

The big bag is made with a patent pending wing brace (Patent no. 202019000001428). The wing bag has an open brace and a system to anchor it to the wrapped brace structure, with an aluminium and steel retaining insert. This makes it easier to assemble and also to replace the big bag where necessary.

The traditional brace, on the other hand, has the classic slot in which the horizontal beam must be inserted and the whole brace is mounted on the vertical beam.


  • Assembly in absolute safety and speed without inserting the horizontal beam in the braces.
  • Simple assembly and positioning of the structure and easy insertion of the big bag.
  • No need to disassemble and reassemble the structure to wash, sanitise or replace the big bag.
  • Solution also applicable to existing silo structures.

The SiloSac Alare is available in the Small version, with a variable capacity between 3-20m³, and in the Plus version, with a capacity between 20-100m³.

SiloSac Alare Small

Simple and value-for-money silo in Trevira antistatic fabric. It is suitable for any internal environmental conditions and is easy to assemble and transport.


SilosSac Alare Plus

Silo in Trevira antistatic fabric with sturdy modular grid structure made with galvanised steel profiles.

CAPACITY 20-100m³

Simple and economical silo in antistatic fabric. Suitable for any indoor environmental conditions, and easy to transport and install.

The unique quality of the big bag lies in its assembly and disassembly without having to break down the structure.

Patent no. 202019000001428

SiloSac Alare silos essentially consist of the following parts:

  1. vertical beams;
  2. lower braces (only in the Plus version);
  3. horizontal beams;
  4. vibrating bottom;
  5. loading tube;
  6. big bag in Trevira H.T. fabric antistatic.

The silos of the SiloSac Alare series can be completed with the following accessories:

  1. inspection window;
  2. level probes;
  3. silo weighing system;
  4. loading overpressure valve;
  5. additional breather bag or by-pass.


  • Modular structure in cold galvanised steel tubing
  • Big bag body in high tenacity antistatic Trevira fabric
  • Top in suitable fabric for air filtration at the load
  • Porthole for visual inspection inside, for the preservation of hygienic conditions and practical maintenance
  • Discharge mouth of the silo cone Ø 800mm
  • Side silo loading on the edge of the upright with a Ø 101.6 stainless steel pipe with 4” stainless steel ball connection with galvanised cap.

Click and download the PDF of the SiloSac Alare with patent no. 202019000001428


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