Circular steel silos

Circular Aisi 304 stainless steel silos with circular section and self-supporting skirt. Completely hygienic with a high degree of conservation of the raw material in compliance with food hygiene standards; can be insulated.


Stainless steel guarantees long life and is completely waterproof and resistant to atmospheric agents, ideal for outdoor use.

Circular steel silos


  • Silo loading with a Ø 100 mm stainless steel pipe positioned on the edge of the upright with lateral loading and spherical or flanged connection.
  • Filling tube that can be equipped with a filling safety device (in the event of overpressure, it interrupts the flow of the product).
  • Window for visual inspection inside, for the preservation of hygienic conditions and practical maintenance.
  • Discharge outlet designed for the application of a vibrating bottom from Ø 600mm to Ø 1.500mm.
  • Electronic weighing system at the base of the silo (indicates the content and quantity loaded in real time).
  • Maximum and minimum level indicator acoustic device.
  • Safety valve for overpressure or depression control.
  • Anti-explosion panel.

CAPACITY 8-100m³


  • Highly hygienic and sanitisable material.
  • Long-lasting.
  • No maintenance required.
  • Controlled stock management.


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