Big bag unloaders

Big bag unloaders are a convenient solution for the storage of raw materials as they directly make use of the transport container. Their shape guarantees practical and safe loading, unloading and opening of the bag.


The structure allows it to be used without transfer operations and can be integrated with high-precision weighing systems.

Big bag unloaders

The innovative petal system ensures unmatched efficiency and simple operation even with materials that are difficult to unload. It can be adapted to discharge a wide variety of materials and different bag designs. Reduces production times and management costs.


  • big bags can be emptied by placing them in the structure with a forklift or hoist;
  • complete range of models, executions and accessories;
  • integrable with high precision weighing systems;
  • compact design and easy installation;
  • unloading in complete safety and without product losses;
  • no operator intervention required for complete unloading of the big bag;
  • minimal maintenance;
  • possibility of integration with existing systems;
  • wide possibility of customisation;
  • made to measure according to the customer’s needs.


  • Forklift version dimensions: 1.5 x 1.5 x h 4.4m adjustable.
  • Dimensions for hoist version: 2 x 2 x h 5.7m adjustable.
  • Suitable for emptying big bags.
  • Forklift version.
  • Version with hoist for pallet trucks.
  • Hoist capacity 15,000kg.
  • When unloading the big bag, various product forwarding solutions are possible.


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