MOCA Certified Food Plants

Stringent regulations govern the food industry in Italy. In particular, the management of Materials and Objects in Contact with Food (MOCA) is a crucial aspect, and companies like Silos & Silos stand out for producing MOCA certified food plants, ensuring the utmost safety and quality in food processing.

Italian regulations on the food industry are among the strictest globally, reflecting in the superior quality of the country’s food products. Food safety is at the core of these regulations, with special attention given to materials and objects that come into contact with food during the production process.

MOCA: Materials and Objects in Contact with Food

MOCA is regulated by European legislation and is designed to ensure that materials used in food plants are safe for human health. Silos & Silos is committed to scrupulously adhering to these provisions, using approved and certified materials for the production of their food plants. This is essential to avoid food contamination and ensure that the end products are safe for consumption.

Mandatory Certifications for Food Producers and Sellers

In Italy, anyone involved in the production or sale of food must obtain certifications attesting to compliance with current regulations. Silos & Silos distinguishes itself as a reliable partner for food companies, providing certified plants that meet the highest standards of safety and quality.

Total Production Traceability

A fundamental element in the food industry is the total traceability of production. Every phase, from the receipt of raw materials to the distribution of the finished product, must be documented and easily traceable. Silos & Silos implements advanced systems to ensure maximum traceability, allowing for accurate control of every component used in the production process. This commitment ensures the construction of safe, efficient food plants that comply with the specific needs of each client.

The combination of advanced technology, high-quality materials, and a focus on food safety positions the company as an ideal partner for food businesses seeking excellence, reliability, and regulatory compliance.

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