Fluidized bed steel silos

Modular, ideal for reduced heights.

Silos with modular panels in stainless steel. Fluidized bed extraction with input of air on the bottom of the silo by means of timed solenoid valves.

Built in a range of models with capacity from 3 to 50 tons.

The upper part of the silo is made of a filtering textile that consents separation between product and air during the filling stage. It guarantees good durability in time and is completely waterproof and resistant to atmospheric agents. Fully hygienic with a high degree of preservation of the raw material in accordance with the rules of food hygiene.


  • Smooth inner surface to prevent the formation of residues.
  • Inspection window for viewing the interior, for practical prevention and maintenance.
  • Electronic safety valve for control of overpressure or depression.
    Fluidized bed extraction.
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