What type of textiles do you use?

High-tenacity Trevira anti-static fabric, ideal for containing food products.


How long does a textile silo last?

A textile silo installed in a well-ventilated location and with proper routine maintenance can last over 20 years.


What is the difference between pneumatic conveyance under pressure or by suction?

Pneumatic conveyance by suction keeps the system cleaner but is limited to lower capacities compared with conveyance under pressure that can handle much higher capacities.

What is the maximum capacity of a textile silo?

It can hold up to 100 cubic meters for a maximum storage of 60 tons.


How accurate can dosing be?

Dosing ranges from 100 to 500 gr, depending on the work by addition or subtraction.


What type of maintenance do your systems require?

We recommend complete cleaning and sanitizing once a year.


Do you make “turnkey” supplies?

Yes, we always prefer to deliver the system on a turnkey basis, except in case of particular requirements.

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