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What type of fabric do you use?

Highly durable antistatic Trevira fabric, suitable for containing food products.

How long does a fabric silo last?

Fabric silos installed in well-ventilated rooms and with due routine maintenance can last over 20 years.

What are the differences between pneumatic and pressure suction conveying?

Pneumatic suction conveying makes the system cleaner. However, it is limited to lower flow rates than pressure conveying, which has very high flow rates.

What maximum capacity does a fabric silo reach?

It reaches up to 100m3 for a maximum storage of 60 tons.

How accurate can the dosage be?

The dosage varies from 100 to 500g, depending on the size of the job.

What kind of maintenance do your systems require?

We recommend a thorough sanitisation cleaning once a year.

Is the supply of the system “turnkey”?

Yes, we always prefer to supply the “turnkey” system, except for special requests.

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