Electronic automation

Process technology.

From the basic electromechanical control panel to the most advanced systems, our installations offer a wide range of interface choices for automation and control that are immediate and absolutely user-friendly.

Our G4S control unit is designed for the automatic control of systems of powder storage for formulation and movement. They measure the dosage and dispense the programmed quantities with extreme accuracy and ease of use.


  • Management of 1 to 20 silos and 100 recipes.
  • Manual or automatic function.
  • Accumulation and stocking function.
  • Backlit graphic 240 x 128 pixel display.
  • Container in diecast aluminum 230 x 170 x 65.
  • Non-volatile eprom memory.
  • Time and date function.
  • IP 65 protection – powered by 11 to 24V DC.
  • Designed for a Memory Card.
  • Working conditions from -20 to +70 °C.
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