Dosing hoppers

Hoppers for primary products managed with special software.

The hopper receives the product in powder (flour, sugar, salt, etc.) conveyed pneumatically from the storage silo to the point of use.

It can be managed by means of an operator panel for medium-large plants, or by means of control units for medium-small plants.

The shapes, dimensions and accessories vary depending on the type of use.


  • Cylindrical upper cross section with variable diameter depending on the capacity.
  • Conical bottom cross section to facilitate emptying of the product.
  • Non-return valve for manual or, more frequently, automatic emptying.
  • Adequate systems to facilitate discharge of the product (such as: vibrators and vibrating membranes).
  • Equipped with loading cells for dispensing functions.
  • Equipped with filtering textile liner or sleeve filter for separation between the product and the functions of conveyor or negative pressure cleaning air.
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