Circular cross-section silos with self-supporting skirt. Can be insulated. Guarantees good durability in time and is completely waterproof and resistant to atmospheric agents. Fully hygienic with a high degree of preservation of the raw material in accordance with the rules of food hygiene.


  • Silo filling system in stainless steel piping Ø 100 mm installed on an upright with lateral loading and spherical or flanged connector.
  • The filling pipe can be equipped with a safety device (in case of overpressure it interrupts the product flow).
  • Inspection window for viewing the interior, for practical prevention and maintenance.
  • Discharge outlet designed for the application of a vibrating bottom measuring from Ø 600 mm to Ø 1,200 mm.
  • Electronic weighing system at the base of the silo (indicates the content in real time and the quantity contained).
  • Acoustic indicator of maximum and minimum level.
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